Sophisticated furniture made of wild oak heartwood

Bent signifies a clear, modern design in combination with traditional craftsmanship.


The program is made up of oak trunk core planks that showcase the material's naturalness with their unique surface structure. Applications in frosted glass or split wood provide an exciting contrast.


As well as exclusive living room combinations and attractive individual pieces of furniture, the program also includes extraordinary dining furniture: Dining tables which can be adjusted in next to no time to a accommodate for a large number of guests, ergonomically manufactured chairs which are so comfortable that you will not want to stand up again and numerous ancillary units that provide plenty of storage space.


Natural Character
Bent is a synonym for clear-cut, cutting-edge design in conjunction with traditional craftsmanship. The range is produced from oak heartwood planks.

BENT combination 30 S:  L 321 cm | H 218 cm | D 49/28 cm
BENT combination 46 S:  L 204 cm | H 186 cm | D 55/28 cm
BENT coffee table 0440:
  L 120 cm | H 45 cm | D 80 cm
BENT shelf 9083:  L 85 cm | H 79 cm | D 28 cm

BENT combination 26 G:  L 254 cm | H 186 cm | D 49/39 cm
BENT coffee table 0456:  L 95 cm | H 45 cm | D 95 cm
BENT divider 3197:  L 195 cm | H 62cm | D 49 cm

BENT combination 22 G:  L 264 cm | H 177 cm | D 49/39 cm
BENT coffee table 0456:  L 95 cm | W 95 cm | H 45 cm
BENT combination 50 G:  L 237 cm | H 186 cm | D 39/28 cm


Comfortable dining
The dining area has been the new centre of domestic life for a long time now. An appealing table, comfortable chairs and elegant, additional items of furniture invite to stay.

Dining table
The solid dining table is a real eye-catcher and available in two sizes (either 190 cm or 240 cm in length).

BENT dining table 0521:  L 190 cm | W 95 cm | H 76 cm
BENT armchair Nila

Functional furniture

Home office
A workplace can also be harmoniously integrated into the living space. The elegant writing desk is the ideal solution for everyone that occasionally works from home.

BENT divider 3197: L 195 cm | H 62 cm | D 49 cm

BENT divider 0466: L 156 cm | H 60 cm | D 44,5 cm

BENT functional tower 6055: L 57 cm | H 119 cm | D 39 cm
(charging space for your laptop, tablet or smartphone)

Individual items of furniture

BENT Highboard 6111
Highboard with wooden doors and drawers made of dimmed glass.
Also available with split wood applications.

BENT Sideboard 4161
L 167 cm
H 81 cm
D 49 cm

BENT Sideboard 4191
L 195 cm
H 81 cm
D 49 cm

BENT Table 0465
L 83,5 cm
H 60 cm
D 44,5 cm

BENT Table 0445
L 40 cm
H 65 cm
D 40 cm

BENT Coffee table 0456
L 95 cm
H 45 cm
D 95 cm

BENT display cabinet 0051/0052
W 57 cm
H 202,5 cm
D 39 cm

Home Entertainment

Cable flap
The practical cable flap enables easy access to all connectors and perfect wiring to individual devices.

BENT TV unit
The TV unit is also available with sound doors and glass applications.

Cabinet body solutions with sound bar
Height: 60,5 cm
(also without sound bar, in different heights)


Demonstrating quality
All our drawers are lined with grained leather look materials. We also exclusively use solid drawer frames and drawers running on parallel and synchronous drawer rails.

Detail sideboard
The skilfully crafted, tapered milling processes and clear-cut lines lend the range its special character.

Detail rear wall
The authentic rear walls underline the genuine, wood character. Particularly beautiful, natural effects develop if the wood is emphasised with optionally available LED ambient lighting.

Oak heartwood

Common solid wood properties
Planks of wood are first selected from our oak trunk core range for manufacturing our core oak surfaces. These core planks show the typical characteristics, such as core splits and wing loads. The assorted products are then stored before drying for several days in a special chamber are subjected to a smoking process there. During this process, the wood is imbued and gain an even dark colouring. The character of old oak logs emerges.

Exposure to light
Core oak is a traditional furniture wood. Core oak umato gets slightly lighter with age. This is hardly noticeable because the change happens so slowly.

Specific wood treatment
Two layers of very dim UV water paint are applied to the intensively brushed wood. The surface is sanded down after every procedure. Wax is applied as the last layer.