Hartmann company profile

Hartmann Möbelwerke, based in Beelen, Germany, is one of today's leading, German solid wood furniture manufacturers.


We are specialist in implementing perfect, technical solutions for the following areas:
- Cutting-edge furniture design
- Complex details
- Intelligent and functional solutions.


Hartmann Möbelwerke produces furniture ranges made of solid wood in compliance with DIN 68871.



What does DIN 68871 specify?


Exclusively items of furniture in which all wood components are made of solid wood (except rear walls, drawer frames and drawer bases) may carry this description. We use only the ideally sorted, laminated timber in different thicknesses and lengths to produce laminated timber panels. In this process, we maintain the properties and unique characteristics of wood as a natural raw material.


A production of high-quality items of furniture requires specialist design and processing procedures suited to solid wood. Our solid wood specialists' many years of experience guarantees this. Carefully produced surfaces protect your furniture, have a greater visual impact and are more expressive. We create its typical dim and silky shine during production in a host of different and complex procedures.


With regard to special customer requests on an increasingly individual market, Hartmann is relying on flexibility. We deal with custom-made system designs and CAD planning support on a daily basis.

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