Individual customer requests, customised dimensions for all system ranges! With regard to special customer requests on an increasingly individual market, Hartmann is relying on flexibility. Customised designs from our systems and CAD planning support for specialist retailers are a matter of course nowadays.

Our Planning team will also provide excellent support for complex living combinations and customised designs to help you develop your customised and ideal solution.

Additional customised designs

Flap instead of drawer in TV unit

Wood base instead of glass base in display cabinet

Desk between cabinets per square metre

Trims per square metre

Additional glass base in display unit

Niche rear wall per square metre including installation

Fabric cuts

Cable duct for TV units or wall units

Hartmann solid wood furniture - service - customised designs

Additional customised designs? Please do not hesitate to enquire!
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Reduced width/height/depth, customised depth, etc. for cabinet body types

drawers not operational with reduced depth.
Reduced arches in certain dimensions only.

Hartmann solid wood furniture - standard



Hartmann solid wood furniture - reduced width

Reduced width

Hartmann solid wood furniture - reduced height

Reduced height

Hartmann solid wood furniture - reduced depth

Reduced depth

Hartmann solid wood furniture - additional depth

Additional depth

Internal depth remains

Changing scarf and/or base

Hartmann solid wood furniture - scarf/base

Continuous scarf and base

Restriction: maximum continuous length 250 cm. Exclusively available to a certain extent in conjunction with depth differences.

Angled TV units

Cut or widened to customised dimensions

Shelving base/shelving

Hartmann solid wood furniture - shelving base/shelving

Reduced width/height/depth for shelving bases and shelving

Customised depth

Hartmann solid wood furniture - customised depth

Shelving base, base and cabinet body including rear wall in front version or produced to special dimensions.

Note: doors and drawers not operational on the rear.