Dining room

A dining room is much more than just a place to eat. A dining room table is so much more than just a table. It is today's domestic communication centre. Life revolves around it: be it on normal days or when there is something to celebrate - with your family or guests. This is where we come together to eat or do our homework. It is the ideal place for lively discussions, games, crafts or work.

The dining table also has representative tasks when you have guests. No wonder dining rooms are always a very carefully considered decision. And rightly so, we think here at Hartmann. On the following pages, we would like to showcase many beautiful, practical and functional items of furniture for your dining area.


Hartmann solid wood furniture - tables

A dining room table must integrate into the domestic atmosphere harmoniously. You should initially specify the type of wood you would like it to be made of. Its dimensions are also very decisive parameters.

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Hartmann solid wood furniture - chairs

You will never want to give up your seat. Our chairs are available with either textile or leather lining and they are characterised by outstanding levels of comfort.


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Active Seating

Hartmann Massivholzmöbel - active seating

Thanks to its Elastic active padding the seat can move in any direction to promote active sitting. The function relieves the strain on spinal disks and strengthens back muscles.

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Additional furniture

Hartmann solid wood furniture - additional furniture

Display cabinets, sideboards, highboards and dividers complete your dining room. Practical details, such as recessed drawers create additional storage space and give you a better overview.

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