Furniture hardware

Furniture hardware enables to open or close items of furniture, such as cabinet doors or drawers. Hinges additionally allow to adjust doors in any direction.

Hardware includes handles, furniture straps or hinges.

Connecting hardware, drawer rails and various caps are made of metal, plastic or wood, depending on where they are installed. We provide individual solutions for each item of furniture thanks to different types of hardware.

Drawer rails

All our large drawers run on concealed, metal, low-wear and maintenance-free extension rails on ball bearings. The adjustment mechanism allows to adapt the drawer height where necessary. Remove the safety bolts prior to removing drawers.


A = Height adjustment

B = Safety bolt


All our hinges are precision components. They are maintenance-free. The attachment or adjustment screws may come loose as a result of moving parts. Retighten screws as soon as you have identified that they have come loose. Failing to do so will result in a risk of the affected door falling out. The hinges allow to adjust the doors in any direction.


A = Height adjustment, move entire door up or down

B = Distance of the closed door from the cabinet body

C = Alignment of the closed door with the cabinet body, distance of the door towards the side or the next door.

Wall-mounted assembly

The capacity suitable for wall-mounted assembly depends primarily on the properties of the masonry. Our data relates to the conditions applicable to a wall consisting of lime sand bricks.


Lower wall strength = lower load-bearing capacity!

We provide special accessories to improve the capacity of masonry. Please clarify details with manufacturers on a case-to-case basis.

Base panels

Do not exceed the limit values specified in the following table when placing items on your new wall unit. The values apply to an even distribution of the weight across the load-bearing surface.

The limit values apply exclusively to furniture that has been assembled by authorised specialist fitters. Exceeding the limit values shall render the warranty and any liability claims void.


Wooden base panel = 0.5 kg/cm width

Glass base panel = 0.2 kg/cm width

Bottom base panel = 0.5 kg/cm width