Hartmann solid wood furniture – quality made in Germany

We have always produced our furniture in Germany to make a clear statement in favour of Germany as an economic hub. We have invested over three generations' collected experience in handling solid wood into the design and production of our lounge and dining room furniture. We apply cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship to produce your products, designated and certified as "Solid wood furniture" in accordance with DIN 68871.

And our success is encouraging: our lounge and dining room furniture has also gained an excellent reputation on an international stage. Not least because the designation "Made in Germany" indicates the origin of our products, but also signifies quality represented by high-grade materials, excellent craftsmanship, a high degree of functionality and a long service life. We also greatly value environmental suitability and social equality. All this is more than a reason for us to maintain our tradition of over one hundred years and exclusively produce our solid wood furniture in Germany.