Cleaning and care - important information

Please follow our instructions on cleaning and care.


Be careful with furniture polishes!

All furniture surfaces should be treated with care. Do not place any sharp, hot or damp objects on the surfaces. Spilt liquids should be removed quickly, before moisture can penetrate into the wood.



Clean the surfaces with a dry or slightly moistened cloth. The cloth should not be wet. No water should be left on the surface. If there is some excess moisture, wipe it off with a dry cloth immediately. Any cleaning agents are not necessary for everyday use.


New gloss

In order to fresh up the surface later, we recommend that you use our specially developed care lotion. After thoroughly cleaning the area, please apply this care lotion across the whole area and, above all, evenly using the corresponding care cloth. Avoid intermittent applications. Please consider that the degree of gloss may change slightly after treatment.