Oak heartwood nature

Common solid wood properties

Our oak heartwood nature exclusively consists of core planks made from oak trunks as only this type of wood provides the desired, typical properties, such as core splits and horn knots.


Exposure to light

Oak is a type of wood traditionally used in furniture manufacture. Light oak wood darkens somewhat in the course of time and takes on a yellowish tinge. However, since this alteration occurs so slowly, it is hardly noticed.


Wood-specific treatment

A light, water-based wood stain is applied to the full surface of the brushed wood. The surface is then planed so that the lighter coloured stain remains only in the pores and grooves of the wood. Next, the surface is coated with two transparent layers of UV water-based lacquer and finally it is waxed.

We treat the surfaces of the different wood with special procedures (schematic representation).

Oak heartwood model series


Hartmann solid wood furniture - RUNA model series

Purism meets originality

Expressive, solid wood furniture with rough surfaces and typical wood features are all the rage. The modern, straight-forward design of the range represents an exciting contrast.

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