Oak heartwood umato

Common solid wood properties

Planks of wood are first selected from our oak trunk core range for manufacturing our core oak surfaces. These core planks show the typical characteristics, such as core splits and wing loads. The assorted products are then stored before drying for several days in a special chamber are subjected to a smoking process there. During this process, the wood is imbued and gain an even dark colouring. The character of old oak logs emerges.


Exposure to light

Core oak is a traditional furniture wood. Core oak umato gets slightly lighter with age. This is hardly noticeable because the change happens so slowly.


Specific wood treatment

Two layers of very dim UV water paint are applied to the intensively brushed wood. The surface is sanded down after every procedure. Wax is applied as the last layer.

Oak heartwood model series


Hartmann BENT solid wood furniture model series

Sophisticated furniture made of wild oak heartwood

Bent is a synonym for clear-cut, cutting-edge design in conjunction with traditional craftsmanship. The range is produced from oak heartwood planks.

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Hartmann CAYA solid wood furniture model series

Unique Design

Caya is characterised by a successful combination of end-grained wood applications with their individual cracks and characteristics and naturally elegant design.

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Hartmann JON solid wood furniture model series

Skilfully Design

Genuine wood and a discreet, clear design on high levels of material and processing quality lend the Jon range its unique character and makes it a long-lasting companion.

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