Other materials

Add even more value to our solid wood furniture with combinations of exciting materials, such as individual FerroManum, FerroRustico and split wood surfaces, soft micro-fibre or various glass variants.

Made as part of manual work steps, we develop genuinely unique items to make your furniture even more special.

Hartmann - split wood

Split wood

Split wood is produced by splitting wood along the grain and fibres. It develops a different colour and structure which not only proves the authenticity of the raw material used, but also impresses with a maximum level of natural, individual characteristics. We accentuate our products with skilfully crafted split wood features. As a result, we can showcase any lounge or dining room to its advantage.

Hartmann solid wood furniture: Satinato material


SATINATO's full-surface etching lends the glass its milky, cloudy and rough appearance. Thanks to the special, refracting features of the surfaces, SATINATO is a popular design element in modern, contemporary architecture. SATINATO demonstrates identical mechanical and thermal properties to normal float glass. Glazing remains translucent and simultaneously provides reliable screening.

Hartmann solid wood furniture: Parsol glazing material

Parsol glazing

Parsol glazing obtains its colour during the melting process when iron oxide is added. Parsol glazing absorbs part of the sunlight to prevent excessive amounts of light from penetrating the room or any items of furniture. With its bronze colour, the material is very impressive and lends our high-quality furniture a warm, soft and cosy radiance.