Quality you can tell

Hartmann furniture represents quality products made in Germany by one of Europe's leading solid wood furniture specialists.

We have invested over three generations' collected experience in handling solid wood into the design and production of your furniture.

We apply cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship to produce your products, designated and certified as "Solid wood furniture" in accordance with DIN 68871.

Handle design

Individually designed handles. Our products' sophisticated design also extends to the design of dedicated handles. Regardless of whether these are made of metal, wood or a combination of both materials, high-grade design elements dominate our furniture's appearance. Our furniture is not mass-produced and exclusively available as part of the corresponding Hartmann ranges.

Hardware technology

Drawer rails. Drawers run along precise extension rails fitted on ball bearings. The systems are equipped with an integrated height adjustment feature that allows to adjust the drawers after having set up each item of furniture. All models are equipped with hydraulic buffer stops as standard.

Support rails

The special design of our furniture allows it to compensate for fluctuations in humidity and any associated warping or deformation. The solid support rails impede any warping or distortion and keep any door accurately straight. Screw connection trims additionally underline Hartmann Möbelwerke's claim to provide first-class craftsmanship.

LED panel lighting

Creating a great effect with "invisible" LED panel lighting. We have identified an increasing number of options to install ambience or purpose-built lighting on or under items of furniture. We offer a vast selection of designer lighting as part of our product ranges.

Hardware technology

Nickel hinges. Solid wood is a very heavy material. For this reason, strong hinges are paramount to our products' durability. We exclusively use quality products made by leading hardware manufacturers from Germany, Austria and Italy. The most recent generation of our pivot door hinges feature integrated, door buffer stops that can be deactivated where required.

Drawer frames

We use solid wood drawer frames in some of our models. Skilfully crafted details, such as the delicately tapered top edges of the frame profiles or the drawer bases in grained leather design demonstrate our expertise in making the finest of furniture.

LED lighting - select the colour

Creating effects with LED lighting: the LED display cabinet and shelving lighting in our Pur 2.0 range features modes for warm or cold lighting. Change the lighting colour using a dual channel remote control featuring a dimming function to gradually switch between warm white and and cold white lighting.

Split wood details

Splitting basically causes wood to crack, depending on its structure and how it has been growing. Irregular structures develop similar to when you split fire wood. After having been split, we sort the wood into stacks of small boards before it is bonded together randomly and brushed. A small artwork of nature.