Solid beech heartwood

Common solid wood properties

We use core boards from the heart of the beech trunk with partially truncated piths. These open piths, which crack during drying, with their brown-coloured edges and intergrown splay knots, dominate the character of this unique type of wood.


Exposure to light

Beech heartwood is hardwood with a tendency to slightly warp, even after having been processed professionally. Surfaces remain relatively stable in colour, but may develop a more yellow shade depending on the light intensity.


Specific wood treatment

The wood is initially brushed by hand to smoothen out and sand down splinters and excessively rough areas. Another step involves several layers of water varnish being applied in a way that is barely visible, but that protects the wood from external influences. The wax coating is applied as a finish and ensures a velvety, matt gloss.

Beech heartwood models series


Extremely short lead time

The solid wood programme is characterised by its timeless design, practical storage space solutions, and the excellent quality of craftmanship applied to the solid beech heartwood.

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