Guarantee and product warranty

Contact person

Please contact the specialist furniture retailer where you purchased the product in the event of any complaints.


Keep all documents associated with the purchased furniture safe, even beyond the warranty period of two years. If required, this will make it easier for you to specify the furniture designation, year of production, etc. This information is important should you require additional or spare parts at a later point.

Warranty scope

Our two-year warranty includes the material and surface characteristics, correctly operating, movable parts as well as the skilful craftsmanship of our products. Our terms and conditions of warranty explicitly specify that furniture must be assembled by authorised, specialist fitters only and in compliance with our specifications listed in the assembly instructions. It is very important to carefully align furniture vertically and horizontally. Inadequate alignment impedes or prevents a perfect adjustment and alignment of doors and drawers. All anti-tilt mechanisms, locks, and attachments must be fitted for reasons of safety. We shall not assume any liability for consequential damage as a result of assembling the furniture without an authorised, specialist fitter or non-observance of the assembly manual.


Already take into account special loads, such as heavy weights, during planning.

The following shall not be subject to guarantee or product warranty


  • Damage caused by customers as a result of natural wear, wear related to usage, other environmental influences, such as extremely dry or humid conditions, temperature, exposure to light, weathering, improper use, vandalism, unintended use as well as transport and accidental damage caused by overloading/excessive levels of stress on individual furniture components.


  • Any improper treatment of surfaces using unsuitable cleaning and polishing agents as well as unauthorised attempts to repair and touch up components shall also render the warranty void.


  • The warranty shall be restricted to new items from the time of ex works delivery.


  • The warranty shall not apply to demonstration items which have already been assembled.


  • The warranty shall apply exclusively to the item subject to the complaint and not the entire scope of delivery: the warranty shall entitle to rectifying the defect.


  • As a rule, warranty services shall be dealt with by the specialist retail partner and exclusively after having submitted the purchase receipt.